How to Know If Faux Wedding Flowers Are Right for Your Wedding

Some brides-to-be prefer to use faux wedding flowers because they can save money by doing it themselves or because of allergies to fresh flowers. Some like the peace of mind that comes with having that part of the wedding completed well in advance.

Still others might consider using faux wedding flowers to have a particular color or type of flower that is not in season at the time of the wedding.

Whatever the reason, it is good to know the pros and cons faux wedding flowers before the final decision is made.

Faux flowers have come a long way in looking more like the real thing in recent years. Not too many years ago, silk flowers were obviously fake flowers even from a distance. Today, the newest generation of faux flowers is a line called soft touch that is so realistic it is almost impossible to tell the difference even up close. They are sold online and at hobby stores, but are about the same price as fresh flowers. However, some of the popular hobby stores often have half-off sales which make them a compelling choice.

Cassablanca lilies, hydrangea, roses, calla lilies, tulip, peoney, gerbera daisy, oriental lilies, fugi and spider mums, and magnolia are available with new varieties being added.

These choices cover a wide selection of colors and most types of flowers used in weddings hoa chuc mung . The stems are also very realistic.

Floral greenery is one area that is best when fresh especially in the bridal bouquets and centerpieces. If cost is a factor, there are many types of greenery available in a home garden such as boxwood, fern, ivy, and magnolia leaves. Most of the greenery does not have a fragrance and should not cause allergies.

Fresh greenery will last a long time after it is cut so the arrangements could still be made well in advance. It would be almost impossible to tell that the flowers are not real when used with fresh greenery.

Another advantage of using soft touch flowers is that they can be redesigned into centerpieces for the home, given as gifts, used as Christmas tree or package ornaments, or for another wedding. Some brides are choosing to sell their faux flowers to other brides or back to a flower shop. These options make using the finest faux flowers very cost effective or in some cases at no cost.

If the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers is an element that would prevent you from using faux flowers, you can also include a few stems of fresh flowers. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Peonies and hydrangeas are two of the most popular bridal flowers, but they are not in season very long. Using faux peonies and hydrangeas is a way to have them any time of the year. Cassablanca lilies and orchids are usually very expensive so using these faux flowers would be a good choice to save money. The lilies also have a very strong fragrance so using one fresh flower with faux would give the fragrance without being overpowering.

Fresh flowers with a very strong fragrance such as Cassablanca lilies and magnolia should not be used in table centerpieces because they can overpower the taste of the food. This is an excellent time to use faux flowers to get the look you want.

Hydrangea is a very popular wedding flower, but it is prone to wilting especially if used in arrangements where there is very little water source such as boutonniere and corsages. This is an excellent faux flower to use to prevent premature wilting.

Hydrangea and roses make gorgeous boutonnieres and corsages as well as flower girl halos. When using faux flowers for these applications, they can be used as d├ęcor for the home. The flower girl halo can be used to decorate her room or as a wreath on her door. A corsage makes a lovely addition laying on top of an antique book or used instead of a bow on a beautifully wrapped package.

Tulips are another flower that is popular for weddings, but is not is season very long. It will open very quickly when placed in a warm room and this will completely change the look of the arrangement. Cut tulip stems also continue to “grow” even after they have been cut so using faux tulips is a good way to get around these flower traits.

Many florists use roses that have not fully opened in bridal bouquets and centerpieces. It takes more time to allow them to fully open and once open, the life span is shortened. Using fully opened roses makes the most beautiful designs so faux roses can be used with no worries.

A pageant bouquet of beautiful long stemmed calla lilies makes a lovely bridal bouquet when wrapped with a wide satin ribbon and secured with a row of pearl corsage pins. The faux calla lilies make an excellent choice for this type of bouquet. It too can be a great way to preserve the bouquet indefinitely.

There is no reason to shy away from faux wedding flowers but they do require a little extra research and planning to insure the desired result.

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